Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Peanuts CG animation test circa 2007

Peanuts CG animation test circa 2007.  Talented animator Keith Lango with a team of four artists creates this animated test for a potential web series.

It shows that staying true to the original series look and feel was quite of a challenge.

So imagine what the people at Blue Sky had to go through to make The Peanuts Movie look right.

Now straight from the Vimeo page description:

"This is the final result for a small CG animated test of the Peanuts characters. Warner Brothers hired Big Idea to do this test for some internet comics they were thinking of doing to revive the characters as more than mascots. I was hired on as a consultant for the look development and character work. The goal was to try and stay true to the original spirit of Schulz's ink pen drawings and Bil Melendez' charming animation style.

Our small team consisted of Brian Roberts (director), Chuck Vollmer (art director & painter), Steve Fuller (3d modeler), Joe Spadaford (painter) and myself (character engineer, look development, rigging & animation). We turned this around in 2 weeks from nothing."

2007 CharlieBrown -- Proof of Concept Test from Keith Lango on Vimeo.

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